Welcome to Steve Ley’s Organic Chemistry research group webpages. Our laboratories, the Whiffen and Innovative Technology Centre are in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. Here you’ll find details of our current research as well as a look back at some of our historical achievements in natural product synthesis and other areas of organic synthesis. Visitors from academia and industry are welcome to come and work with us and are invited to get in touch.

Postdoctoral Research Associate Opportunities FullSizeRender[2]
We are looking for 4 postdocs to join us from September 2015 for 2 years. Each of these PDRA positions will involve research in the flow chemistry area. Two of the posts will involve using batch and flow methods to develop methods to couple 5- and 6-membered heterocycles, adding functionality to aromatic heterocycles, to functionalise or construct aliphatic and saturated heterocycles, and methods for conducting sp2-sp3 coupling reactions (Pfizer). The third will involve developing continuous flow methods to overcome the challenges associated with chemistries relevant to the agrochemical industry (Syngenta) and the fourth will involve developing automation techniques in flow for nitrene and oxidation chemistry (Lilly). The posts will all be advertised on the University website.

Research Associate: Chemical Synthesis x 2 (Fixed Term)
Research Associate: Chemical Synthesis using Continuous Flow Technology (Fixed Term)





Flow Chemistry

Organic Synthesis




“Complex synthesis remains a challenging occupation requiring an exceptional level of experimental skill, extensive knowledge of both mechanistic and molecular reactivity, and a bold, inventive, and creative spirit. It is the combination of these qualities that transforms the synthesis process from one of simple logistics to an art form.” Steve Ley.