Special Invited Lectures



1. 1978 Polish Academy of Sciences (1 week lecture tour)
2. 1981 The Society of Chemical Industry, London, Special Evening Lecture
3. Royal Society of Chemistry Autumn Meeting, University of Leeds
4. Royal Society of Chemistry, Tilden Lectureship Meeting, London
5. 1982 183rd American Chemical Society National Meeting, Las Vegas
6. Spring Synthesis Symposium, Carlton University, Ottawa
7. 2nd Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, University of Cambridge, Royal Society Chemistry/Society of the Chemical Industry Meeting.
8. 1983 8th International Symposium on Synthesis in Organic Chemistry, University of Cambridge
9. 4th International Symposium on Selenium and Tellurium, University of Aston
10. 17th Modern Aspects of Stereochemistry Symposium, University of Sheffield
11. 1984 Greater Manchester Symposium, University of Manchester
12. Synthetic Applications of Ynes, Enes and Ones, Society of Chemical Industry, Fine Chemicals Group Meeting.
13. Organotransition Metal Intermediates in Organic Synthesis, Kingston Polytechnic, Special Lecturer
14. Organic Synthesis Summer School, Gargnano, Italy, Italian Chemical Society
15. Recent Advances in the Chemistry of Insect Control, International Symposium (Society of Chemical Industry), University of Cambridge
16. Physical Methods for Investigating Organic Molecules, Agricultural and Food Research Council Meeting. Rothamstead Experimental Stn, Harpenden
17. Organic Synthesis Workshop, Schloss Reisensburg, Germany
18. Andrews Club Lecturer, Queens University, Belfast
19. Royal Society of Chemistry (North Stafford), University of Keele
20. Royal Society of Chemistry (Mid-Anglia), University of Cambridge
21. 1985 Royal Society of Chemistry (North East), University of Hull
22. Belgiam Organic Synthesis Symposium, Namur, Belgium
23. Catalysis in Fine Chemical Manufacture, SCI/RSC Meeting, University of Birmingham
24. Royal Society of Chemistry (Peninsula), University of Exeter
25 Scotlab Meeting, Glasgow
26. B. D. Steele Lecture, University of Queensland, Australia
27. Royal Society of Chemistry, London, (1 day symposium)
28. 1986 Chirality in Crop Protection Agents, Society of Chemical Industry, (1 day symposium)
29. 1st Belgium Organic Synthesis Symposium, Namur, Belgium
30. IUPAC 6th International Congress on Pesticide Chemistry, Ottawa
31. Royal Society of Chemistry Course on Alicyclic Chemistry, Cardiff
32. Royal Society of Chemistry, Autumn Meeting, University of Bath
33. Originality in Organic Chemistry, International Conf. of CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
34. Beecham Pharmaceuticals Research Conf., University of Cambridge
35. The Chemical Society of Finland Annual Meeting, Espoo, Finland
36. Applications of Organotransition Metal Complexes in Organic Synthesis, EUCHEM Conf., Toulon, France,
37. 1987 Royal Society of Chemistry, (1 day symposium), London
38. 10th International Symposium on Synthesis in Organic Chemistry, Cambridge
39. Synthesis and Biosynthesis of Natural Products, Royal Society of Chemistry, Heriot-Watt University
40 Natural Toxins, Royal Society of Chemistry, (1 day symposium), University of Newcastle
41. Werner Chemical Society Lecturer, Trinity College, Dublin
42. Italian Chemical Society Sectional Meeting, Naxos, Sicily
43. 1988 Royal Society of Chemistry, Annual Congress, University of Kent at Canterbury
44. Chemical Synthesis of Antibiotics, EUCHEM Symposium, Aussois, France
45. 12th Mona Symposium on Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry, University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica
46. The Influence of Organometallic Chemistry on Organic Synthesis Present and Future, Royal Society, London
47. Royal Society of Chemistry, Perkin Symposium, London
48. 16th IUPAC Symposium on Natural Products, Kyoto, Japan
49. Current Aspects of Natural Product Chemistry, Sendai, Japan
50. Syntex Pacific Coast Lectureship
51. Italian Chemical Society (Lombardi), (1 day symposium), Milan
52. 1989 Merck Lecturer, University of Cambridge / Merck Sharp and Dohme, Terlings Park
53. New Methods for Organic Synthesis, Tilden Lecture, London
54. Annual Chemical Congress, Royal Society of Chemistry, Hull
55. Royal Society of Chemistry, International Symposium on Synthetic Applications of Transition Metals, St. Andrews
56. Royal Society of Chemistry, Heterocyclic Group, Glaxo
57. Royal Society of Chemistry, Autumn Meeting, Loughborough
58. Advances in the Chemistry of Insect Control, Royal Society of Chemistry and Society of Chemical Industry, Oxford
59. Bio Mega Lecturer, McGill University, Canada
60. 4th Cyprus Conf. on New methods in Drug Research, Paphos
61. International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, Honolulu
62. Royal Society of Chemistry and Beecham Pharmaceuticals, Brockham Park, Downlands Lecturer
63. Organic Syntheses Distinguished Lecturer, Colorado State University, USA
64. SERC Special Workshop on Glycoconjugates, University of Cambridge
65. Royal Society of Chemistry, Heterocyclic Group, (1 day symposium), Glaxo, Greenford
66. Schering Agrochemicals Ltd., Special Symposium
67. 1990 Symposium in Memory of J. Ficini, Namur, Belgium,
68. Ciba Foundation, Bioactive Compounds from Plants, Bangkok
69. Royal Society of Chemistry, Carbohydrate Group Conf., Cardiff
70. Royal Netherlands Chemical Society Meeting, Wageningen, Holland
71. 6th FECHEM Conf. on Heterocycles in Bioorganic Chemistry, Solbacka, Sweden
72. 8th IUPAC Conf. on Organic Synthesis, Helsinki, Finland
73. Roussel Scientific Institute – Table Ronde, Oxford
74. 7th IUPAC International Congress on Pesticide Chemistry, Hamburg
75. 200th ACS Meeting, (Carbohydrate Division), Washington, USA
76. 200th ACS Meeting, (Biological Oxidation in Synthesis), Washington, USA
77. 1st Meeting. European Society of Sonochemistry, Grenoble, France
78. Chemistry Symposium, Pfizer Central Research, Sandwich
79. 23rd Biannual Meeting. Of the Royal Society of Spain, Salamanca
80. Roussel Scientific Institute-Table Ronde, Paris
81. 1991 Norwegian Chemical Society Meeting. In Bietostolen
82. 150th Anniversary Annual Chemical Congress, Royal Society of Chemistry
83. Technological Perspectives, 2nd International IUPAC Symposium Organic Chemistry, Baden-Baden
84. Organic Synthesis Symposium, Wyeth-Ayerst Research Princeton, USA
85. 2nd National Convention on the Chemistry of Natural Products, Maratea, Italy
86. Natural Products, Gordon Conf., New Hampshire, USA
87. Royal Society of Chemistry, Autumn Meeting, York
88. American Chemical Society, 13th Annual Fall Symposium, Princeton USA
89. Sheffield Stereochemistry Symposium
90. 1992 Bristol-Myers-Squibb Distinguished Lecturer, Syracuse University
91. 2nd Symposium on Chemical and Biochemical Problems in Molecular Recognition, Royal Society of Chemistry, Exeter
92. 15th European Colloquium on Heterocyclic Chemistry, Noordwijkerhout, Holland Invited Lecturer
93. 50th Anniversary Symposium, Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Tokyo
94. 18th International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, IUPAC, Strasbourg
95. Perspectives and Prospects in Bioorganic Chemistry, A.R. Battersby Symposium, Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge
96. Pfizer Special Symposium, Sandwich
97. The Lilly Lecturer, Ohio State University, USA
98. Kenner Lecture Series, University of Liverpool
99. Frontiers in Organic Synthesis, Abbot Laboratories, Chicago, USA
100. Syntex Distinguished Lecturer, University of Colorado, USA
101. Free Radicals and Ultrasound in Chemistry and Medicine, Royal Society of Chemistry, London
102. C. W. Rees Symposium, Royal Society of Chemistry, London
103. 1993 Recent Advances in Oxidation Reactions, Society of Chemical Industry
104. Contemporary Organic Synthesis, Royal Society of Chemistry, Pedler Medal Lecture
105. Lakeland Heterocyclic Symposium, Grasmere
106. Glaxo Distinguished Lecturer, Duke University, USA
107. Barton Symposium, Virgin Islands, USA
108. Applications of Sonochemistry in the Chemical Industry, Royal Society of Chemistry
109. 2nd Anglo-Norman Organic Chemistry Colloquium, Cambridge
110. Recent Advances in the Chemistry of Insect Control, Society of Chemical Industry, Cambridge
111. 8th European Symposium on Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Barcelona
112. 15th Conf. on Isoprenoids, Zakopane, Poland
113. 7th IUPAC Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry Directed Towards Organic Synthesis, Kobe, Japan
114. 8th W. S. Johnson Symposium, Stanford, USA
115. Kabi-Pharmacia Lecture, Uppsala University, Sweden
116 International Symposium of Organic Reactions, Hsinchu, Taiwan
117. Human Capital and Mobility Network Program, Stereoselective Synthesis, Gröningen, Holland
118. 1994 19th IUPAC Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, Karachi, Pakistan, S. Saddiqui Lecture
119. Swiss Chemical Society Meeting, University of Zürich
120. Roche Chemistry Meeting, Wildhaus, Switzerland
121. Contemporary Organic Chemistry, Simonsen Lecture Meeting, University of Manchester, Royal Society of Chemistry Medal Recipient
122. The Wilson Baker Lecture, University of Bristol
123. The Wyeth Ayerst Lectureship, University of Pennsylvania, USA
124. Royal Society of Chemistry Annual Congress, University of Liverpool
125. ESF/EUCHEM Conf. on Stereochemistry, Bürgenstock, Switzerland
126. The Merck Frosst Lecture, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
127. Swiss Chemical Society Meeting, University of Basle
128. Drugs from Natural Products, Royal Society of Chemistry, Trinity College, Dublin
129. 3rd Cycle of Chemistry, Champéry, Switzerland
130. International Symposium on Cascade Reactions, Royal Society of Chemistry, University of Leeds, Plenary Speaker
131. Gulf Coast Conf., Pensacola Beach, Florida
132. IASOC IV Conf. on Organic Chemistry, Ischia, Naples
133. 10th International IUPAC Conf. on Organic Synthesis, Bangalore, India
134. John Phillips Memorial Lecture, Loughborough University
135. Recent Progress in Carbohydrate Chemistry, Joint Meeting. Of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
136. 1995 The Merck Frosst Lecture, University of Toronto, Canada
137. Royal Society of Chemistry International Conference on Biological Challenges for Organic Chemistry, St. Andrews, Scotland
138. 14th International Symposium, Synthesis in Organic Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge
139. 15th International Congress of Heterocyclic Chemistry, Taipei, Taiwan
140. Royal Society of Chemistry 150th Anniversary Conf. of Royal College of Chemistry, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
141. Anglo-Japanese Conf. on Asymmetric Synthesis, Wadham College, Oxford
142. II Congresso Congiunto Italiano-Spagnold Di Chimica Farmaceutica, Ferrara, Italy
143. Alan Johnson Memorial Lecture, University of Sussex
144. 1996 Frontiers in Chemical Research Program, Texas A & M University, USA
145. National Science Week, SET96, University of Cambridge
146. Fred Pattison Senior Lectureship, University of Western Ontario, Canada
147. W. G. Dauben Lecture, University of California, Berkeley
148. The Brian Fitzsimmons Memorial Lecture, University of Waterloo, Canada
149. Andersonian Chemical Society 4th Centenary Lecturer, Strathclyde University
150. Society of Chemical Industry, Invited Lecture, University of Cambridge
151. The Ciba Lectures in Central Europe, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary Invited Lecture Series
152. Gordon Conf. Heterocyclic Chemistry, New Hampshire, USA
153. Dr. Paul Janssen Prize Lecture, Belgium Organic Synthesis Symposium, Ghent, Belgium
154. Transition Metals in Synthesis, Royal Society of Chemistry, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London
155. Advances in the Chemistry of Crop Protection, Royal Society of Chemistry and the Society of Chemical Industry, Cambridge
156. 20th IUPAC Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, Chicago, USA
157. Symposium in Memory of Wolfgang Oppolzer, Geneva, Switzerland
158. The W. E. Bachmann Lecturer, University of Michigan, USA
159. Lancaster Synthesis Symposium, H. Heaney Retirement Meeting, Loughborough University
160. New Dimensions in Organic Chemistry, University of Nijmegan
161. The Kenner Lecture, University of Liverpool
162. 1997 Winter Conf. on Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry, Steamboat, USA
163. The Smith and Nephew Lecture, University of York
164. Society of Chemical Industry, London Section
165. American Chemical Society, William S. Johnson Memorial Symposium, San Francisco, USA
166. The Bakerian Lecture, The Royal Society, London
167. The Marker Lectures, University of Maryland, USA
168. The Schering Lecture in Organic Chemistry, Berlin
169. 1998 Organic Synthesis Lecturer, University of California at Irvine, USA
170. The Barton Symposium, Maldives
171. Royal Society of Chemistry Carbohydrate Spring Meeting, University of Birmingham
172. Upper Rhine Lectureship, Basle, Freiburg, Mülhouse, Strasbourg and Karlsruhe
173. Gordon Research Conf. on Stereochemistry, Salve Regina University, Rhode Island, USA
174. 16th National Organic Chemistry Conf., Leura, NSW, Australia
175. 9th IUPAC. International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry, London
176. 15th International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry, Edinburgh
177. 19th International Carbohydrate Symposium, San Diego, USA
178. Symposium in Honour of Sir Derek H.R. Barton, Harvard University, Cambridge USA
179. Sir Derek Barton Memorial Conf., Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London
180. 1999 The Paul Gassman Lectures, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
181. The 16th H.C. Brown Lectures, University of Purdue, West Lafayette, USA
182. Vista Chemical Company Regents Endowed Memorial Lectureship, University of Texas at Austin, USA
183. The Robert Robinson Memorial Lectures, University of Oxford
184. Chemical and Biological Synthesis and Transformation of Natural Products and their Analogues, Göttingen, Germany
185. Biological Challenges for Organic Chemistry II, St. Andrews University
186. The Pfizer Summer Symposium, Sandwich
187. The Sandin Lectures, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
188. The Glaxo-Wellcome Award Lecture, Stevenage
189. The Robert A. Welch Foundation Conf., Houston, Texas, USA
190. Discovery Chemistry into The New Millennium Symposium, Tokyo and Osaka Japan
191. 2000 Bristol-Myers Squibb Lecturer in Organic Synthesis, Stanford University, USA
192. Chemistry as a Life Science, Rutgers University, USA
193. Coherent Synthesis Conf., Homerton College, Cambridge
194. The Hofmann Lecture, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
195. Royal Society of Chemistry (Mid Anglia), Welwyn Garden City
196. Gordon Research Conf. on Combinatorial Chemistry, Il Ciocco, Tuscanny, Italy
197. Supported Reagents and Catalysts in Chemistry, 4th International Symposium, Royal Society of Chemistry, St. Andrews, Scotland
198. Drug Discovery Technology 2000, Boston, USA,
199. 22nd IUPAC Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, Campos Do Jordão, Brazil
200. Recent Trends in Organic Synthesis, BASF Research Seminar Series, St. Johann, Germany
201. 2001 1st Binational RSC/SACI Conf. on Organic Chemistry, Haworth Lecture, Cape Town
202. Lab Automation 2001, Palm Springs, USA
203. Novartis Inaugural Respiratory Symposium, Horsham
204. Tarrant Visiting Professor, University of Florida, USA
205. The Boehringer Ingelheim Lecture, University of Montreal, Canada
206. Bristol Synthesis Meeting, The Merck Lecture, Bristol
207. Royal Society of Chemistry, Carbohydrate Spring Meeting, Dublin
208. Carl Shipp Marvel Lectures, University of Illinois, USA
209. 15th Lakeland Hetrocyclic Symposium, Grasmere
210. AstraZeneca Lecturer, Ohio State University, Columbus USA
211. 21st Advanced School in Medicinal Chemistry, Urbino, Italy
212. Synthesis in Organic Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry, Oxford
213. RSC Combinatorial Approaches to Chemistry and Biology III, Cambridge
214. Gordon L. Hodgson Jr. Memorial Lecture, GlaxoSmithKline, USA
215. August-Wilhelm-von-Hofmann Medal Lecture, Würzburg, Germany
216. Drug Discovery in the 21st Century, American Chemical Society Webcast Lecture
217. Distinguished Lecturer for the Michigan Chemistry Tour, Michigan, USA
218. 2002 Amgen Lecturer, UCLA, California, USA
219. The Chemical Record Lecture, Tokyo, Japan
220. New Building Inauguration Lecture, Boehringer, Germany
221. EPSRC Annual Conference.
222. Lilly Lecture, Madrid, Spain
223. The Andrews Lectures, The University of New South Wales, Australia
224. Drugs from Natural Products, The Malcolm Campbell Memorial Lecture, Royal Society of Chemistry Conf., Dublin
225. Natural Products, Gordon Conf., New Hampton, USA
226. NATO Advanced Study Institute Summer School, Spetses, Greece
227. The Merck Reunion, University of Cambridge
228. The Pfizer Lecture, Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA
229. Academia dei Lincei of Rome, University of Milan
230. Chem@300, Cambridge, UK
231. 2003 Thomas Graham Lecture, University College London
232. Royal Institution Lecture, London
233. Chambers Distinguished Lectures, Rochester, USA
234. Boehringer Lecturer, Yale, USA
235. The Derek Barton Lecture, Texas A & M University, USA
236. South West Perkin Meeting, Royal Society of Chemistry, Bath
237. 39th IUPAC Congress & 86th Conf. of the Canadian Society for Chemistry, Ottawa
238. The 25th Gulf Coast Chemistry Conf., Pensacola Beach, Florida, USA
239. Irvine Review Lecture, St. Andrews, Scotland
240. M. Reetz Celebration, Max-Planck-Institut, Mülheim, Germany
241. Barton Conference, Heron Island, Australia
242. Design and Synthesis of Target-Based Compound Libraries, San Diego, USA
243. 2004 CRSI National Symposium, Kampur, India
244. Synthetic Efficiency, Knud Lind Larsen Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark
245. The Class of 1960 lecturer, Williams College, MA. USA
246. Modern Synthetic Methods Conference, Berlin, Germany
247. The Chemical Theatre of Biological Systems, Bozen, Italy
248. 6th Rothamsted Lecture, UK
249. Balticum Organicum Syntheticum, Riga, Latvia
250. Messel Medal Lecture, SCI, London, UK
251. AstraZeneca Symposium, A Celebration of Organic Chemistry, Warwick, UK
252. Eli Lilly Lectureship, University of Pittsburgh, USA
253. 22nd SCI Process Development Conference, Cambridge, UK
254. The Daniell Lecture, London University
255. SCI conference, Churchill College, Cambridge, UK
256. 2005 6th Winter Conference on Medicinal & Bioorganic Chemistry, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA
257. Trinity College Science Society, Cambridge, UK
258. Chemistry-A European Journal Symposium, Strasbourg, France
259. RSC High Throughput Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, London, UK
260. Visions in Chemistry Symposium, New Jersey, USA
261. National Organic Synthesis 2005 Conference, Utah, USA
262. Tetrahedron Symposium, Bordeaux, France
263. Pacific Rim Conference, Hawaii
264. Boehringer-Simon Lecture, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
265. Wyeth-MIT Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, Cambridge MA, USA
266. A Celebration of Organic Chemistry: G Pattenden Birthday Symposium, Nottingham, UK
267. Yamada-Koga Prize Lecture, 15th Symposium on Optically Active Compounds, Tokyo, Japan
268. The Lilly Lecture, University of Reading
269. The AstraZeneca Lecture, University of Stockholm, Sweden
270. Pfizer Symposium, Sandwich, Kent, UK
271. 2006 The Hirschmann Lecture, University of Madison, Wisconsin, USA
272. International Symposium of Chemistry, Biology and Medicine, Cyprus 2006 in honour of Professor K.C. Nicolaou
273. 20th National Organic Chemistry Conference, Kalmar, Sweden
274. ACS 30th National Med Chem Meeting, Washington State
275. ICOB-5 & ISCNP-25 IUPAC International Conference on Biodiversity and Natural Products, Kyoto, Japan
278. 1st International FECS European Chemistry Congress, Budapest, Hungary
279. Tatashina Conference, Japan
280. Nagoyal Gold Medal Lectures, Nagoya, Japan
281. 2007 H.J. Baker lecture, Gronigen, The Netherlands
282. 233rd ACS National Meeting, Chicago, USA
283. Advances in Chemical Sciences, Symposium, Cambridge, MA, USA
284. International Symposium in honour of Prof. Ghosez, Louvain-la-Neurve, Belgium
285. 1st GSK Medicinal Chemistry Conference, Verona, Italy
286. 5th International Microwaves in Chemistry Conference, London, UK
289. The Gilbert Stork Lecture, Columbia University, New York, USA
290. The Lilly Lecture, London School of Pharmacy, London, UK
291. Centenary Lecture, Pharmacology Department, University of Bath, UK
292. Barton Conference, St Lucia
293. The Paul Karrer Lecture, Zurich, Switzerland
294. Heidelberg Forum of Molecular Catalysis 2007, Heidelberg, Germany
295. Symposium in honour of Prof. Motherwell’s 60th birthday, UCL, London
296. Symposium, Chemistry of the Future, The Future of Chemistry, of the French Chemical Society 150th Anniversary
299. Advances in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry Conference, St Petersburg, Russia
301. The Lundbeck lectures, Copenhagen, Denmark
302. Frontiers in Organic Synthesis, Budapest, Hungary
303. SCI PR&D 25th symposium, Cambridge, UK
304. Chemistry and Biology in the Post Omnics Era, Bangkok, Thailand
305. 2008 Warren Lecture, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA
306. Reilly Lecture series, Notre Dame University, Notre Dame, IN, USA
307. Inhoffen Lecture and Prize, Der Förderverein des HZI, Braunschweig, Germany
308. AstraZeneca Lecture, University of Sherbrooke, Montreal Canada
309. Finnish Academy Centenary Lectures, Helsinki, Finland
310. Beilstein Bozen Workshop, Bozen, Italy
311. synTOP Conference, Potsdam, Germany
312. Pfizer Green Chemistry Symposium
313. Gordon Green Chemistry Conference, Maine, USA
314. XXth Medicinal Chemistry Conference, Prous Institute Overton and Meyer Award, Vienna, Austria
315. Merck Frosst Lecture, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada
316. Special Invited Lecture, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Prague
317. 2nd Annual Uniqsis Flow Chemistry Symposium, Cambridge, UK
318. 2009 U.R. Ghatak Memorial Endowment Lecture, IACS, Kolkata, India
319. Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry, Heidelberg, Germany
320. German Chemical Society, Bayer Leverkusen, Germany
321. Kurt Alder Lectureship, University of Cologne, Germany
322. NOST Conference, Goa, India
323. 10th Tetrahedron Symposium, Paris, France
324. 16th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry, Prague, Czech Republic
325. 22nd International Congress of Heterocyclic Chemistry, St John’s, Canada
326. 1st China-UK RSC Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry, Shanghai, China
327. Heinrich Weiland Prize Lecture, Münich, Germany
328. IKCOC-11, Kyoto, Japan
329. 2010 GDCH Lecture, Berlin, Germany
330. SCF One day Symposium, Paris, France
331. The A.R. Gordon Distinguished Lecture Series, University of Toronto, Canada
332. RSC Perkin Prize Lectures (AZ Charnwood, AZ Lund, University of Dublin, University of Liverpool, University of East Anglia)
333. 11th Annual Drug Discovery Leaders Summit, Montreux, Switzerland
334. ICOS-18, Bergen, Norway
335. Tetrahedron Prize, 240th ACS Meeting, Boston, USA
336. ORCHEM 2010, Weimer, Germany
337. SCS Paracelsus Prize, Zurich, Switzerland
338. Solvias Science Day, Basel, Switzerland
339. RSC UK Flow Symposium, Stevenage, UK
340. 3rd Uniqsis Symposium on Flow Chemistry, Boston, USA
341. Pacifichem 2010, Hawaii, USA
342. 2011 14th Robert Murray Lecture, Missouri, USA
343. Maurice Wilkins Centre Lecture, Auckland, New Zealand
344. P. de la Mare Lecture, Auckland, New Zealand
345. Barton Conference, Fiji
346. Creigee Lecture, Karlsruhe, Germany
347. GRAMS Kinki Chemical Society, Osaka, Japan
348. The 2nd International Symposium on Process Chemistry, Kyoto, Japan
349. European Academics Contacts Committee Symposium, Lilly, Madrid, Spain
350. 33rd Annual ACS Princeton Meeting, Princeton, New Jersey, USA
351. 2nd Tishler-Omura Symposium, Kitasato Institute, Japan
352. AstraZeneca Excellence in Chemistry Awards, Alderley Park, UK
353. 2012 Continuous Flow Technology in Industry Symposium, York, UK
354. Frank Warren Conference, Bloemfontein, South Africa (2 lectures)
355. Birch Lectures, ANU, Canberra, Australia (3 lectures)
356. The Alan Katritzky Lecture, Oxford, UK
357. European School of Medicinal Chemistry, Urbino, Italy (2 lectures)
358. GRC on Stereochemistry, Newport, Rhode Island, USA
359. Student Symposium on Natural Product Synthesis, Groningen, The Netherlands
400. NWO Dutch Organic Chemistry Meeting, Lunteren, The Netherlands
401. The GlaxoSmithKline Lecture, New Horizons in Natural Products Chemistry, Nottingham, UK
402. 2013 3rd International Conference of the Flow Chemistry Society, Münich, Germany
403. 2nd Advanced School of Natural Products, Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Synthesis, Araraquera, Sao Paolo, Brazil
404. Cyclofluidic Meeting, British Embassy, Tokyo, Japan
405. 2nd RSC/SCI Symposium on Continuous Processing and Flow Chemistry, Novartis, Horsham, UK
406. New Aspects of Heterocycles, SCI Fine Chemicals Group, London
407. Basel Chemical Society Meeting, Basel, Switzerland
408. New Trends in Organic Synthesis Symposium, University of Milan, Italy
409. 2014 Green Chemistry Gordon Research Conference, Hong Kong
410. Groupe d’Etude en Chimie Organique, Samatan, France
411. 50th Anniversary of Heinrich Wieland Prize, Scientific Symposium, Munich, Germany
412. SynFlow Meeting, Aachen, Germany
413. 2015 CSU Fullerton Dreyfus Boissevain Lectures, Arizona, United States
414. GSK Global Chemistry Symposium, Cambridge
415. BASF 150 Anniversary Conference, Chicago, United States
416. Special Symposium for Samir Zard, Paris, France
417. 2016 Sixth International Conference of the Flow Chemistry Society, UK
418. Alan Katritzky Memorial lecture, FloHet Conference, USA
419. Novartis Lectures in Organic Chemistry, MIT, USA
420. The Musgrave Lecture, University of Durham, UK
421. The Cornforth Lectures, University of Sydney, USA
422. 2017 The Ernest E. Campaigne Lecture in Organic Chemistry, Indiana University, USA
423. Special Lecture “Reflections on a Career in Organic Synthesis”, Bristol University, UK
424. Plenary Lecture, FROST 6, Budapest, Hungary
425. 2018 Green Chemistry Symposium, American Chemical Society, New Orleans, USA
426. Arthur C. Cope Lecture, ACS Boston, USA
427. P.C. Bulman-Page Retirement Symposium, UEA, UK