Gas Reactors

Gas reactors used continuous flow chemical synthesis

Our expertise in developing new enabling tools for continuous flow processes has led to significant advances in the way we conduct our synthesis programmes. We have delivered new concepts; from prototype to fully operational bench-top units. A novel tube-in-tube flow gas reactor (designed in house) has now been developed into a commercial product with Cambridge Reactor Design [1].

The use of gases or volatile components as reagents is often not ideal in batch mode operation due to safety concerns. However, using our semi-permeable membrane flow reactor device we have created a robust gas reactor that allows controlled solubilisation of gaseous reagents into a liquid stream to achieve a wide selection of reactions. We have disclosed a diverse range of applications using these devices to carryout ozonolysis [2], carboxylations [3], hydrogenations [4, 5], Glaser oxidative couplings [6],carbonylations [7], nucleophilic addition of ammonia [1, 8, 9], hydroformylations using Syngas [10], coupling Heck reactions using ethylene [11, 12], as well as  aerobic anti-markovnikov oxidative processes [13]. We also developed a bespoke reactor system for the “spray ozonolysis” of one of the intermediate used in the synthesis of an unnatural amino acid [14].


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