The Group

Ley group photo 7-15-4384-web, leading image
Steve Ley’s group has been one of the largest organic chemistry research groups in the UK and amongst the largest groups worldwide. He has two laboratories at the University of Cambridge: the Whiffen Laboratory and the Innovative Technology Centre. Our researchers work in either or both during their time with us, depending on their project needs.

Steve’s commitment to providing excellence in research training is reflected by the large number of chemists whom he has trained during his career. He has many former group members in academic positions and virtually all of his students have either gone to work for the large chemical companies, smaller biotechs or in other chemistry-related fields. Excluding the current group this includes 240 PDRAs, 171 PhD students, 8 MPhil students, 125 visiting PhD/Erasmus students and numerous academic/industrial visitors from 23 different countries. Many former group members are in academic positions (40) and virtually all of my students have gone to work for the major chemical companies, biotechs or in other chemistry/biology related fields.