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Multistep continuous-flow processing enables the direct preparation of complex chemical materials from simple input streams through a series of complexity-adding reaction steps. The use of polymer-supported reagents can greatly facilitate this process through the inline hosting of reagents or catalysts, the scavenging of spent materials or impurities, or even the temporary hosting of reactive intermediates prior to their reaction and release from the support. This chapter provides a comprehensive overview of such polymer-supported techniques.

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When considering life’s aetiology, the first questions that must be addressed are “how?” and“where?” were ostensibly complex molecules, considered necessary for life’s beginning, constructed from simpler, more abundant feedstock molecules on primitive Earth. Previously, we have used multiple clues from the prebiotic synthetic requirements of (proto)biomole- cules to pinpoint a set of closely related geochemical scenarios that are suggestive of flow and semi-batch chemistries. We now wish to report a multistep, uninterrupted synthesis of a key heterocycle (2-aminooxazole) en route to activated nucleotides starting from highly plausible, prebiotic feedstock molecules under conditions which mimic this scenario. Further consideration of the scenario has uncovered additional pertinent and novel aspects of pre- biotic chemistry, which greatly enhance the efficiency and plausibility of the synthesis.

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Over the last two decades, flow technologies have become increasingly popular in the field of organic chemistry, offering solutions for engineering and/or chemical problems. Flow reactors enhance the mass and heat transfer, resulting in rapid reaction mixing, and enable a precise control over the reaction parameters, increasing the overall process selectivity, efficiency and safety. These features allow chemists to tackle unexploited challenges in their work, with the ultimate objective making chemistry more accessible for laboratory and industrial applications, avoiding the need to store and handle toxic, reactive and explosive reagents. This review covers some of the latest and most relevant developments in the field of continuous flow chemistry with the focus on hazardous reactions.

834. Editorial – flow chemistry and catalysis S.V. Ley, Catal. Sci. Technol. 2016, 6, 4676-4677

834. Image

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833. Image copy

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828. Image

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827 Image

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825 OPRD Paper

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824 image

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Darts illustration proof

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Corrigendum to Design, synthesis and evaluation of semi-synthetic triazole-containing caffein acid analogues as 5-lipooxygenase inhibitors 

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IMAGE copy

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807 reaction diagram

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Chemistry in a changing world

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Table of Contents edited

799. A systems approach towards an intelligent and self-controlling platform for integrated continuous reaction sequences R.J. Ingham,  C. Battilocchio, D.E. Fitzpatrick, E. Sliwinski, J.M. Hawkins, S.V. Ley Angew. Chem. Int. Edn2015, 54, 144-148

Pyriamid Jigsaw

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op500208j copy

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792. Chem. Eur. J., 2014, 20, 12348-12366

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Org Synth Scheme

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A MachineAssisted Flow Synthesis of SR48692: A Probe for the Inv

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