Named Lectureships

1984 Andrews Club Lecturer, Belfast
1985 B. D. Steele Lecture, University of Queensland, Australia
1988 Syntex Pacific Coast Lecturer, USA
Bio-Mega Lecturer, McGill University, Canada
1989 The Merck Lecturer, University of Cambridge
1992 Bristol-Myers Squibb Distinguished Lecturer, Syracuse University, USA
Lilly Lecturer, Ohio State University, USA
Syntex Distinguished Lecturer, Boulder, Colorado, USA
1993 Glaxo Lecturer, Duke University, USA
1994 S. Saddiqui Lecture, 19th IUPAC Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, Karachi
The Wilson Baker Lecture, University of Bristol
Wyeth Ayerst Lectureship, University of Pennsylvania, USA
The Merck Frosst Lecture, University of Alberta, Canada
John Phillips Memorial Lectureship, Loughborough University
1995 The Merck Frosst Lecture, University of Toronto, Canada
Alan Johnson Memorial Lecture, University of Sussex
1996 The Andersonian Chemical Society 4th Centenary Lecturer, University of Strathclyde
The 4th W. G. Dauben Lecture, University of California, Berkeley
Burton Memorial Lecture, Kings College London
Fred Pattison Senior Lecturer, University of Western Ontario, Canada
The Brian Fitzsimmons Memorial Lecture, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
The 35th Annual W. E. Bachmann Memorial Lecture, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
The Kenner Lecture, University of Liverpool
1997 The Smith and Nephew Lecture, University of York
The Marker Lecturer, University of Maryland, USA
The Schering Lecture in Organic Chemistry, Berlin
1998 Organic Synthesis Lecturer, University of California Irvine, USA
Montana University Distinguished Organic Chemistry Lecturer, Bozeman, USA
The Sir Robert Price Lecture, CSIRO Clayton, Victoria, Australia
1999 The Paul Gassman Lectures, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
The Herbert C. Brown Lecturer, Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA
Vista Chemical Company Regents Endowed Memorial Lectureship, University of Texas at Austin, USA
The Robert Robinson Memorial Lecturer, University of Oxford
The Sandin Lectures, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
2000 Bristol Myers Squibb, Lecturer in Organic Synthesis, Stanford University, USA
The Hofmann Distinguished Lecture, Imperial College, London
2001 The Boehringer Lecture, University of Montreal, Canada
Carl Shipp Marvel Lectures, University of Illinois, Urbana USA
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Group Lecturer, Ohio State University, Columbus USA
Gordon L. Hodgson Jr. Memorial Lecture, GlaxoSmithKline, USA
August-Wilhelm-von-Hofmann Medal Lecture, Würzburg, Germany
Visiting Distinguished Lecture for the Michigan Chemsitry Tour, Michigan, USA
2002 Amgen Lecturer, UCLA, USA
The Chemical Record Lecturer, Tokyo, Japan
The Andrews Lectures, The University of New South Wales, Australia
The Malcolm Campbell Memorial Lecture, Dublin
The Pfizer Lecture, Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA
2003 The Thomas Graham Lecture, University College, London
Chambers Distinguished Lecturer, University of Rochester, USA
The Boehringer Lecturer, Yale University, USA
The Derek Barton Lecture, Texas A & M University, USA
Irvine Review Lecture, University of St Andrews, Scotland
2004 The Class of 1960 Lecturer, Williams College, USA
The Sixth Rothamsted Lecture, Rothamsted Research, Harpenden
Messel Medal and Lecture, Society of Chemical Industry, London
The 3rd Eli Lilly Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh, USA
The Daniell Lecture, University College, London
2005 Behringer-Simon Lecture, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
The 13th Bhatnagar Lecture, Hyderabad, India
Wyeth-MIT Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, Cambridge MA, USA
The Lilly Lecture, University of Reading, UK
The Yamada-Koga Medal Lecture, Tokyo, Japan
The Astra-Zeneca Lecture, University of Stockholm, Sweden
2006 The Hirschmann Lectureship, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
Nagoya Gold Medal Lecture, Japan
The Robert Robinson Lecture, Queens University of Belfast, UK
2007 The Gilbert Stork Lecture, Columbia University, NY, USA
Lundbeck Lecturer, Technical University of Copenhagen,Denmark
The Centenary Lecturer, University of Bath, UK
EuCheMS Lecturer 2007, Maison de le Chimie, Paris, France
The Backer Lecture, University of Groningen, Netherlands
The Lilly Lectureship, School of Pharmacy, London, UK
2008 Astra-Zeneca Distinguished Lecturer, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada
The Reilly Lectures, University of Notre Dame, Illinois, USA
The Warren Lecture, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA
Merck Frosst Lecturer at Simon Fraser University, Canada
The Astellas Lecture, Tokyo, Japan
2009 The Kurt Alder Lectureship, University of Cologne, Germany
The Heinrich Wieland Prize Lecture, Münich, Germany
2010 The A.R. Gordon Distinguished Lectures, University of Toronto, Canada
The Royal Society Perkin Prize Lecture, University of East Anglia, UK
Tetrahedron Prize, 240th ACS Meeting, Boston, USA
SCS Paracelsus Prize, Zurich, Switzerland
2011 14th Robert R. Murray Lecture, University of Missouri, St Louis, USA
Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery Lecture, Auckland, New Zealand
P.B.D. De La Mare Lecture, Auckland, New Zealand
The Criegee Lecture, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
2012 The Birch Lectures, ANU, Canberra, Australia
The Alan Katritsky Lecture, St Catherine’s College, Oxford
The Sigma Aldrich Lecture, Lunteren, The Netherlands
2014 The 4th Julius Bredt Lecture, RWTH, Aachen, Germany
2015 Jean-Marie Boissevain Lectureship 2015 CSU Fullerton, USA
2016 Alan Katritzky Memorial lecture, FloHet Conference, USA
Novartis Lecture in Organic Chemistry, MIT, USA
The Musgrave Lecture, University of Durham, UK
The Cornforth Lectures, University of Sydney, Australia
2017 The Ernest E. Campaigne Lecture in Organic Chemistry, Indiana University, USA
2018 The Arthur C. Cope Award address at the ACS Meeting Boston, USA