Visiting Professorships

1985 Visiting Professor at University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
1988 E.T.H. Visiting Professor, Switzerland
1993 Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science, Fellowship
1994 Visiting Professor, University of St. Andrews, (1994-2004)
1996 Frontiers in Chemical Research Program, Texas A & M University
1996 Visiting Professor, University of Salamanca, Spain
2001 Tarrant Visiting Professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Florida, USA
2002 Visiting Professor Lecture Series, University of Milan
2003 Visiting Professor Masters Lecture Course, University of Pavia
2007 Honorary Professorship, University of St. Andrews (2007-2010)
2014 Honorary Visiting Professor, University of Huddersfield (2014 – 2019)