Editorships, Publishing Advisory Boards

1981-1984 Butterworth Scientific Publishers
1984 Methods in Organic Synthesis, Royal Society of Chemistry, Advisor
1984-1990 Organic Reactions, J. Wiley, Editorial Board
1987-1991 Comprehensive Organic Synthesis, Pergamon Press, Volume Editor
1988-2001 Synlett, Thieme, UK Editor
1988-2010 Chemtracts, Springer Data Trace Publishers, Invited Expert
1991-1996 Dictionary of Organic Compounds No. 6, Chapman and Hall, Editorial Board
1991-1999 Organosulfur Chemistry, Academic Press, Editorial Advisory Board
1991-2002 Perkin Transactions, Royal Society of Chemistry International Advisory Board
1991-1996 Current Patents, Agrochemical Patents and Fast Alert, Editorial Board
1992-1996 Pergamon Press, Board of Consulting Editors
1992-1997 Natural Products Letters, Academic Harwood, Editorial Advisory Board
1992-1996 Encyclopaedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, J. Wiley, International Advisory Board.
1992-to date Organic Reactions, J. Wiley, Advisory Board
1992-2010 Science of Synthesis, Houben Weyl Thieme Verlag, Editorial Board
1993-1998 University of Oxford Press, Advisory Board Member
1993-1996 Organic Functional Group Transformations, Elsevier Science, Volume Editor
1995-2007 Indian Journal of Chemistry, International Advisory Board
1995-2000 Bulletin de la Société Chimique de France, Editorial Advisory Board
1995-2000 Bulletin de la Société Chimique de France, Editorial Board
1996-2000 International Series of Monographs on Chemistry, Oxford University Press, General Editor
1996-2001 Topics in Stereochemistry, J. Wiley, Advisory Board
1997-2000 Current Opinion in Bioorganic Chemistry, Senior Editor joint with D. Hilvert
1997-2007 Chemistry and Biology, Editorial Board
1997-2014 Topics in Current Chemistry, Springer Verlag, Editorial Board
1997-2001 Chirality, J. Wiley, Editorial Board
1997-2003 Current Opinion in Drug Discovery and Development, Editorial Board
1997-2002 Chemistry Letters, International Advisory Board
1997-to date Tetrahedron Publications, Board of Consulting Editors
1998-2003 Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry, ACS, Editorial Advisory Board
1999-2011 Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communication, International Advisory Board
1999-2005 Targets in Heterocyclic Systems, Italian Chemical Society, Editorial Board
2000-2010 Chem BioChem, Editorial Advisory Board
2000-2005 Chemical Record, Editorial Board
2003-2011 Mini Reviews in Organic Chemistry, Editorial Advisory Board
2003-to date Current Organic Synthesis, Editorial Advisory Board
2003-to-date Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, International Advisory Editorial Board
2003- 2017 Chemistry and Biodiversity, Editorial Advisory Board
2004-2018 Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis, Academic Advisory Board
2004-2018 Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry, International Editorial Board
2005-2010 Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, Editorial Advisory Board
2005-to date ChemMedChem, International Advisory Board
2005-to date Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, Editorial Advisory Board
2006-2011 Current Chemical Biology, Editorial Advisory Board
2008-2010 Green Chemistry, Editorial Advisory Board
2010-to date MedChemComm, Editorial Advisory Board
2010-2012 Synfact, Editor
2011-2016 Accounts of Chem. Res., Editorial Advisory Board
2015-to date Royal Society of Chemistry Reaction Chemistry & Engineering, Editorial Board