Dr Yiding Chen

Yiding finished his undergraduate study in 2013 with two BSc degrees from Fudan University, China and University of Birmingham, UK, under a 2+2 program. Upon finishing his undergraduate project with Dr Zoe Pikramenou on the synthesis of Lanthanide complex coated gold nanoparticles, he moved to Oxford to pursue a D.Phil under the supervision of Prof. Michael Willis.

During his D.Phil period he worked on several very different projects, including the synthesis heterocyclic compounds using fluoride-induced aryne; copper catalysed sulfinate, sulfone and sulfonamide synthesis using DABSO as a SO2 surrogate; and also Nickel catalysed sulfinate synthesis.

An Aryne-Based Route to Substituted Benzoisothiazoles, Y. Chen and M. Willis,Org. Lett201517, 4786-4789.

Copper-catalysed sulfonylative Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling, Y. Chen and M. Willis, Chem. Sci.2017, 8, 3249 – 3253

 Chan-Lam inspired sulfonamide synthesis, Y. Chen, P. Murray, A. Davies and M. Willis. Manuscript submitted