Dr Ricardo Labes

Ricardo Labes-9694[1]Ricardo obtained his first degree in chemistry at Regional University of Blumenau (2009, Blumenau, Brazil) then completed a Master in organic chemistry under the supervision of Professor Francisco de Assis Marques at Federal University of Parana (2012, Curitiba, Brazil) and a PhD in the same University working in the development of ligands for the addition of organozinc reagents to carbonyl compounds.

During his PhD Ricardo spent one year as a visiting PhD at Prof Ley’s group in the University of Cambridge working in two main projects, the development of a synthetic methodology to obtain chiral alkynols in continuous flow, by zinc salt mediated stereoselective alkynylation of aldehydes, and the development of an automated multi-step platform to synthetize 2-pyrazolines. Ricardo returned to the Ley group in 2016 as a post-doctoral research associate under an Ely Lilly-funded position for two years.

His current research involves accelerating the preparation of pharmaceutical compounds via the development of machine-assisted reaction sequences and the exploitation of new aminating and oxidizing methodologies using Continuous Flow Chemistry.

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Stereoselective addition of diethylzinc to aldehydes using chiral β-hydroxy-2-oxazolines as catalysts F.A. Marques; C.L. Wosch; G. Frensch; R. Labes; B.H.L.N.S. Maia; K.S. Salome; A. Barison; P.G. Guerrero. Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society. 2014, 26, 165-170

One-pot synthesis of telluroketene acetals and haloketene acetals using sp2 geminated hetero organobismetallic intermediates P.G. Guerrero; P.R. Oliveira; A.C. Baroni; F.A. Marques; R. Labes; M.J. Dabdoub. Tetrahedron Letters. 2012, 53, 1582-1586

Email: ricardolabes@gmail.com