Dr Mikhail Kabeshov

mikhailMikhail earned his Masters of Science Degree at Lomonosov Moscow State University (2000-05). In the latter two years of his study, under the supervision of of Prof I. Beletskaya, he worked on the development of novel methods for dichalcogenides addition to multiple carbon-carbon bonds assisted by NMR mechanistic studies under supervision.

In July 2005 Mikhail moved to the University of Glasgow and joined Prof Pavel Kocovsky’s group as a PhD student (funded by the University and ORSAS grant). During his PhD Mikhail was involved with three organic chemistry projects: artificial C-nucleoside synthesis, enantioselective organocatalysis and transition metal catalysed allyl transfer methodology. After his PhD, Mikhail moved to the University of Oxford joining Prof Timothy Donohoe’s group as a Postdoctoral Research Associate. Here he worked on developing a general and practical method of making various types of heterocycles from readily available alkenes for medicinal chemistry projects (in close collaboration with GSK) (2008-11). In 2011 he moved to Prof Andrei Malkov’s group at Loughborough University as a Research Associate where he is currently working on the kinetic resolution of chiral allyltrichlorosilanes and allylboronates in allylation reactions. Since 2008 Mikhail has been developing his computational chemistry expertise and how in silico methods of different levels and complexity can assist synthetic projects explaining and predicting their results. Mikhail joined the Ley group as a Postdoctoral Research Associate (funded by the EPSRC Critical Mass grant) at the beginning of September 2013.

Visible light activation of boronic esters enables efficient photoredox C(sp2)-C(sp3) cross-couplings in flow F. Lima, M.A. Kabeshov, D.N. Tran, C. Battilocchio, J. Sedelmeier, G. Sedelmeier, B. Schenkel, S.V. Ley, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 201655, 14085-14089

Combination of enabling technologies to improve and describe the stereoselectivity of Wolff–Staudinger cascade reaction B. Musio, F. Mariani, E.P. Sliwinski, M.A. Kabeshov, H. Odajima and S.V. Ley, Synthesis201648, 3515-3526

Development of a web-based platform for studying lithiation reactions in silico M.A. Kabeshov, E. Sliwinski, D.E. Fitzpatrick, B. Musio, J.A. Newby, W.D.W. Blaylock, S.V. Ley Chem. Commun201551, 7172-7175

Expedient preparation of nazlinine and a small library of indole alkaloids using flow electrochemistry as an enabling technology M.A. Kabeshov, B. Musio, P.R.D. Murray, D.L. Browne, S.V. Ley Org. Lett.  2014, 16, 4618-4621

Highly stereoselective synthesis of Z-homoallylic alcohols by kinetic resolution of racemic secondary allylboronates C.A. Incerti-Pradillos, M.A. Kabeshov, A.V. Malkov* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 201352, 5338–5341

A green approach to Fenton chemistry: mono-hydroxylation of salicylic acid in aqueous medium by the electrogeneration of Fenton’s reagent J. Panchompoo, L. Aldous, M.A. Kabeshov, B.S. Pilgrim, T.J. Donohoe, R.G. Compton* New J. Chem. 2012, 36, 1265–1272

Direct preparation of thiazoles, imidazoles, imidazopyridines and thiazolidines from alkenes T.J. Donohoe*, M.A. Kabeshov, A.H. Rathi, I.E.D. Smith Org. Biomol. Chem. 2012, 10, 1093–1101

Stereoselective palladium-catalyzed functionalization of homoallylic alcohols: a convenient synthesis of di- and trisubstituted isoxazolidines and beta-amino-delta-hydroxy esters A.V. Malkov*, M. Barłog, L. Miller-Potucka, M.A. Kabeshov, L.J. Farrugia, P. Kočovský* Chem. Eur. J. 2012, 18, 6873–6884

Highly enantio- and diastereoselective generation of two quaternary centers in spirocyclopropanation of oxindole derivatives A. Noole, N.S. Sucman, M.A. Kabeshov, T. Kanger, F.Z. Macaev, A.V. Malkov* Chem. Eur. J. 2012, 18, 14929–14933

Exerting control over the acyloin reaction T.J. Donohoe*, A. Jahanshahi, M.J. Tucker, F.L. Bhatti, I.A. Roslan, M.A. Kabeshov, G. Wrigley Chem. Comm201147, 5849–5851

Intramolecular carbonyl nitroso rne reaction catalyzed by iron(III) chloride/hydrogen peroxide as an efficient tool for direct allylic amination D. Atkinson, M.A. Kabeshov, M. Edgar, A.V. Malkov* Adv. Synth. Cat. 2011353, 3347–3351

Direct preparation of heteroaromatic compounds from alkenes T.J. Donohoe*, M. A. Kabeshov, A.H. Rathi, I.E.D. Smith Synlett. 201019, 2956–2958

Enantioselective and catalytic method for α-crotylation of aldehydes with a kinetic self-refinement of stereochemistry A.V. Malkov*, M.A. Kabeshov, M. Barłog, P. Kočovský* Chem. Eur. J. 2009, 15, 1570–1573

Stereodefined synthesis of a new type of 1,3-dienes by ligand-controlled carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond formation in nickel-catalyzed reaction of diaryldichalcogenides with alkynes V.P. Ananikov*, N.V. Orlov, M.A. Kabeshov, I.P. Beletskaya*, Z.A. Starikova Organometallics 200827, 4056–4061

Vicinal amino alcohols as organocatalysts in asymmetric cross-aldol condensation of ketones: application in the synthesis of Convolutamydine A A.V. Malkov*, M.A. Kabeshov, M. Bella, O. Kysilka, D.A. Malyshev, K. Pluháčková, P. Kočovský* Org. Lett. 2007, 9, 5473–5476

New catalytic system with trialkylphoshite ligands for palladium catalyzed addition of dichalcogenides to alkynes V.P. Ananikov*, M.A. Kabeshov, I.P. Beletskaya*, V.N. Khrustalev, M. Yu. Antipin Organometallics 200524, 1275–1283

New catalytic system with polymer-supported PPh3 for palladium-catalyzed addition of disulfides to alkynes V.P. Ananikov*, M.A. Kabeshov, I P. Beletskaya* Synlett 2005, 1015–1017

Mechanistic study of palladium catalyzed S-S and Se-Se bonds addition to alkynes V.P. Ananikov*, M.A. Kabeshov, I.P. Beletskaya*, G.G. Aleksandrov, I.L. Eremenko J. Organomet. Chem. 2003687, 451–461

Mechanistic study and catalyst design for PhSSPh addition reaction to alkyne triple bond V.P. Ananikov*, M.A. Kabeshov, I.P. Beletskaya* Doklady Chemistry 2003390, 112–114

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