Dr Lorène Crespin

Lorène_CrespinIn 2012, Lorène received an Engineering Degree in organic chemistry at the Graduate School of Chemistry of Montpellier in France (ENSCM), where she was awarded the “’Total chaire’ prize by ranking first of her class. In parallel, she also obtained a Research Master’s Degree in Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Montpellier. During the course of her studies, she performed two industrial placements: first at Novartis (4 months) and then at Hoffmann-La Roche (6 months), both in Basel, Switzerland. During these internships, she took part in several medicinal chemistry projects. She then joined the University of Grenoble where she completed her doctoral thesis on the total synthesis of Lycorine-type alkaloids by tandem metathesis, in October 2015, under the supervision of Prof Jean-François Poisson.

Lorène joined the Ley group in January 2016 as a postdoctoral research associate funded by Pfizer. She’s currently working on a medicinal chemistry initiative programme.

Email: lc667 @cam.ac.uk and Linkedin

One-Pot Acid-Catalyzed Ring-Opening/Cyclization/Oxidation of Aziridines with N-Tosylhydrazones: Access to 1,2,4-Triazines L. Crespin, L. Biancalana, T. Morack, D.C. Blakemore, S.V. Ley Org. Lett.201719, 1084-1087