Dr Biagia Musio

Biagia Musio gained her degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Bari, Italy, in 2004. This included an 18-month research project in organic synthetic methodologies working on the synthesis and the reactivity of oxazolinylaziridines, in Prof Saverio Florio’s group.

In March 2007 she joined the group of Prof Mike Shipman at the University of Warwick as visiting researcher and in 2008 she  was awarded a PhD in Chemistry (Doctoral School of Applied Chemical and Enzymatic Synthesis) working on the development of new stereoselective synthetic methodologies of small molecules by using organometallic reagents and palladium catalysis.

Biagia was an Assistant Researcher  at the University of Bari in Prof Renzo Luisi’s group from 2008-2013. During this time she was involved with a number of projects mainly focused on elucidation of the structure in solution of organometallic intermediates by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and FT-IR, and on the molecular dynamics of small molecules. Recently, her major efforts have been orientated towards the development of organic synthesis by using the microreactor technology.

Biagia joined the Ley group in March 2013 as a postdoctoral research associate on the new EPSRC-funded Critical Mass grant working on novel chemical methods in continuous flow.

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