Shing Hing Lau (Michael)

Michael obtained his MSci in Chemistry with a Year in Industry with First Class Honours from Imperial College London (2008-2013). He spent 12 months working as an Industrial Trainee at International Paint Ltd., AkzoNobel, where he investigated the development of marine biocidal antifouling polymers. His final year research project studied the total synthesis of Pseudopterosin A-F, iso-E and Z Aglycone under the supervision of Prof Donald Craig.

During his undergraduate studies, Michael also received the IC/UCL research studentship in Catalysis, working with Dr Silvia Díez-González and Dr Tom Sheppard on the development of a catalytic rearrangement reaction. Michael joined the Ley Group as a PhD student, after being awarded the Croucher Cambridge International Scholarship in October 2013. His current research focuses on the development of API syntheses and new methodologies in flow. Michael is particularly interested in developing robust and scalable chemistry with the use of enabling technologies for industrial applications.

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