Luke Dowman

Luke graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Hons I) from The University of Sydney in 2016 with dual majors in chemistry and biochemistry. In early 2016 he was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) and an Agnes Campbell Honours prize to undertake his doctoral studies under the supervision of Professor Richard Payne in the School of Chemistry at The University of Sydney. In the second year of his PhD, Luke was awarded a Royal Society of Chemistry Researcher Mobility Grant to undertake a period of research in the Ley research group from April to July 2017.

Luke’s research in the Ley group will involve developing a flow-based synthesis of therapeutically relevant proteins via native chemical ligation (NCL) and selenocystine-selenoester ligation methodologies. This research is funded by an RSC Researcher Mobility Grant. Luke is a visiting PhD student (from Payne group, The University of Sydney) and joins the Ley group in April 2017. Email  LinkedIn  Mendeley  Payne Group Website

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