Ignacio Salcedo

Ignacio began Chemistry Degree in 2011 at University of Salamanca. In 2015, he started to work in research group of Prof. Isidro S. Marcos and Prof. David Díez Martín discovering his interest in the field of organic synthesis. Finally, in 2015 he finished his Chemistry Degree doing the final project in organic synthesis. In 2015, he started the Master studies: “Drug Design, Development and Discovery” at University of Salamanca and doing the final project under supervision of Prof. Isidro S. Marcos obtaining the maximum
honours. In 2016, he iniciated the PhD studies under direction of Prof. Isidro S. Marcos and Prof. David Díez Martín and continuing his research in organic synthesis of antitumoral alkylphosphocholines.

Current research: Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Alkylphosphocholines analogues and bioconjugates of Miltefosine and Perifosine.

Email: ignaciotobal@usal.es

Ana Gil-Mesón, Alejandro M. Roncero, Ignacio E. Tobal, Pilar Basabe, David Díez, Faustino Mollinedo and Isidro S. Marcos Synthesis of Bioconjugate Sesterterpenoids with Phospholipids and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Molecules 2016, 21 (1), 47 .