Dr Robbie Mutton


Robbie is currently working on an EPSRC funded project developing an in-line continuous flow supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) system. The benefits of using SFC are numerous, with speed of separation being widely considered to be the most valuable, where separations can be up to 10 times faster than HPLC.  With flow chemistry, it is often necessary to perform time consuming purification steps in a batch mode, especially if by-products or diastereomer are formed.  By taking this purification step in-line, the synthesis and purification of compounds can be achieved at the same time.  By integrating system controls, currently being developed in house, the SFC system will have additional features, such as self-optimisation and remote operating capabilities.

Robbie previously worked for the Biocomposites Centre at Bangor University. Here he worked closely with local SMEs, stakeholders and multinationals in the extraction of high value compounds from various biomass sources for uses in pharmaceutical, neutracutical and food and drinks industries. While at Bangor he began working with supercritical fluids as green solvents in the extraction and fractionation of compounds. He received his PhD from University of Aberdeen after conducting his studies at the  University of the Highlands and Islands Environmental Research Institute (ERI) in Thurso,  under the guidance of Dr Kenneth Boyd, Dr Alex Ford (Portsmouth University) and Prof Sandy Gray (Strathclyde University). His PhD focused on the bioactivity of natural products from seaweeds found on the far north coast of the United Kingdom. Robbie was also an environmental analytical chemist at the ERI, where he conducted lectures and ran laboratory courses for the Applied Sciences degree. He obtained his undergraduate BSc (Hons) in chemistry with medicinal chemistry from Newcastle University and continued there to complete a MSc in drug chemistry.

Email: rm777@cam.ac.uk
Linkedin: uk.linkedin.com/pub/robbie-mutton/38/92b/3b3/

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