Jian Siang Poh

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Jian Siang studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge (2009-2013), working with the Ley Group for his Part III project on developing new methodologies for nitrile oxide cycloadditions. In his final year he obtained the GSK Prize for the best Organic project, as well as the Gordon Wigan Prize for the most outstanding performance in Part III Chemistry.

He continued with the Ley Group in October 2013 for his PhD studies, receiving a scholarship from the Cambridge Home and European Scholarship Scheme (CHESS). His research focuses on the use of enabling technologies to generate and utilise reactive intermediates, in particular diazo-containing compounds, for academic and industrial applications.

Email: jsp47[@]cam.ac.uk

Rapid asymmetric synthesis of disubstituted allenes by coupling of flow-generated diazo compounds and propargylated amines J-S. Poh, S. Makai, T. v.Keutz, D.N. Tran, C. Battilocchio, P. Pasau, S.V. Ley Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 201756, 1864-1868

A multicomponent approach for the preparation of homoallylic alcohols J-S. Poh, S-H. Lau, I.G. Dykes, D.N. Tran, C. Battilocchio and S.V. Ley, Chem. Sci. 20167, 6803-6807

Synthesis of trifluoromethylated isoxazoles and their elaboration through inter- and intra-molecular C-H arylation J-S. Poh, C. García-Ruiz, A. Zúñiga, F. Meroni, D.C. Blakemore, D.L. Browne, S.V. Ley, Org. Biomol. Chem.201614, 5983-5991

A multistep continuous flow synthesis machine for the preparation of pyrazoles via a metal-free amine-redox process J.-S. Poh, D. L. Browne, S. V. Ley React. Chem. Eng. 2016, 1, 101-105

An orthogonal biocatalytic approach for the safe generation and use of HCN in a multistep continuous preparation of chiral O-acetylcyanohydrins A. Brahma, B. Musio, U. Ismayilova, N. Nikbin, S.B. Kamptmann, P. Siegert, G.E. Jeromin, S.V. Ley, M. Pohl Synlett 201627, 262-266

A versatile room-temperature route to di- and trisubstituted allenes using flow-generated diazo compounds J.-S. Poh, D. N. Tran, C. Battilocchio, J. M. Hawkins, S. V. Ley Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 201554, 7920-7923