European Union H2020
Future & Emerging Technologies (€3.9M, 2017-20) ONE-FLOW a European consortium: Catalyst Cascade Reactions in ‘One-Flow’ within a Compartmentalized, Green-Solvent ‘Digital Synthesis Machinery’ – End-to-End Green Process Design for Pharmaceuticals.

Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council
Critical Mass Grant (EP/K009494/1 £3.2M, 2013-17) underpinning major programmes in flow chemistry including the development of new methods and devices.
Responsive Mode Grant (EP/M004120/1, £780K, 2014-2017) Supercritical Fluid Chromatography.

Industry Funding
Pfizer (2015-18) Medicinal Chemistry initiative funding 2 PDRAs.
Syngenta (2015-17) Flow chemistry development for agrochemical research funding 1 PDRA.
Eli Lilly (2015-18) Flow chemistry and automation for pharmaceutical research funding 1 PDRA.
New Path Molecular (since 2016) Novel molecular synthesis funding 2 PDRAs.
Novartis (2015-2018) PhD Studentship.
UCB (since 2017) PhD Studentship.

Independent Sources
We host independently funded PDRAs from various international government, Commonwealth and charitable schemes.

Industry Collaborators and Contributors
Our research has become very interdisciplinary in the growth area of flow chemistry and we have many collaborations with engineers, biologists, informaticians, and instrument makers. We also β-test new flow equipment, working with specialist instrument companies, manufacturers and suppliers i.e. Advion, Cambridge Reactor Design, Syrris, ThalesNano, Uniqsis, Vapourtec, Mettler-Toledo and HEL.

Chemical Technology Knowledge Transfer Scheme
We recognise the value of two-way exchange of information in flow chemistry technologies and visitors come to us for experience in our labs. Areas of interest include collaborations on equipment development and new reaction discovery. Prof Ley is also a member of GSK’s Council of Fellows which promotes scientific excellence, university collaborations and mentorship.